Important Care for Men After 40

There is much talk about the care of women after the forties. It is true that health campaigns focus primarily on women’s diseases and care and the annual periodic reviews that we have to undergo.

But what about the men we have around? I do not doubt that you have a grown man or older adult to care for, whether your father or grandfather, your husband and even some neighbor who is now part of your family.

We can not ignore the fact that men in the 40s also begin to change, a physical and emotional decline can begin to occur, and we can not ignore that men do not invest enough time in their care.

On the other hand, as an active part of your family, you know the medical history that prevails for generations and that concern men.

This will help you to take the necessary precautions, also take into account that the main causes that lead men between the ages of 40 and 54 to death are: liver disease, diabetes mellitus, accidents, heart disease, tumors, Cerebrovascular diseases, human immunodeficiency virus disease, renal failure, and alcohol dependence syndrome.

Here you can play two fundamental roles: be proactive and prepare for the appearance of health problems in the men of your house, so that you do what is necessary to correct the bad habits that trigger the diseases or, as a second option, when the disease presents, do what is necessary to keep it under control. For both cases you can do three things:

1. Encourage the habit of periodic review with the doctor

There are specific tests and reviews to prevent some diseases. It is very common that after the forties the prostate revision is annual, and the glucose, triglycerides, cholesterol and blood pressure are counted periodically.

If the results of these are out of range consistently, they are an indication that his health state can lead to a situation of more care. In this aspect your active participation is fundamental: you can be aware of the dates of the appointments and remind him before he has to go to the doctor and undergo exams.

If he is on medical treatment, help organize the taking of medications and remind him of the times of the shots. The time will come when there will be no need for you to be on the slope as these activities will be part of a daily routine.

2. It is essential to care for food

One of the main triggers of an illness is the food we are subjected to. We are accustomed to eating at the time we can and what we have available.

We do not take the time to prepare the food of the day at home, much less to be carrying a lunch box during our journey outside the home. Just think that giving food the value it deserves will save you money and in the long run caring for a chronic sufferer.

As always, starting a good habit is the most difficult thing, so you will have to invest time in preparing lunch and food for home. If it is possible to share the diet for all members of the family you will be taking care of everyone’s health.

3. Avoiding physical inactivity

For physical health and mental health, whether to lose weight or maintain weight over 40, exercising is important. The release of substances that stimulate the good functioning of the body and the elimination of toxins through sweat are the traditional reasons to undergo periods of exercise, when in fact it is complemented with the possibility of socializing in parks, clubs or at home.

So if you do not have a family plan of exercise routines you can program simple activities, that do not entail an extra economic expense, that can be adapted to the family schedules and if needed, can also be done individually.

Take into account that these activities will be carried out for periods only, as the main idea is to help raise awareness in the lords of your family. A timely review and changing habits can save them from belonging to the percentage of men over 40 with health problems.