Health Retreats in Phuket & Thailand

Thailand is known for having some of the best health retreats in the world. However, are they all really the best as they claim to be?

Shiatsu, Ayurveda, acupuncture, reflexology, yoga – you name it and the health retreats in Thailand have it. Asian healing and wellbeing techniques have permeated the Western techniques for years on end. You can notice these in the American spa centers in Thailand as well as in the local spa centers that have, for instance, techniques such as the Thai massage technique.

Yet not all of these methods have been imported in their purest form. Would you like to detox your liver, destress, increase your fitness or just have some me time? Which is the best retreat in Thailand that would give you the best food, personalized results, and great care? Why not make your next holiday in Thailand an amazing one?

Which health retreat is right for you?

Think about what you want to achieve before you consider a detox holiday. Destination spas are divided into group as well as individual retreats. Guests do most of the activities together and eat the same food together, but these retreats are a great option if you are considering traveling alone and want some social interaction during your journey. Individual retreats have a more personalized approach to detoxing and you are given an individual room that you do not have to share with the others. A wellness consultant chooses a program for you and puts you on it.

Prepare yourself for a holiday

No matter what program you go for, make sure you reduce your intake of processed sugar and caffeine a couple of weeks beforehand. The sudden removal can make you suffer from headaches that will make you want to take medicines. However, the detoxification program is enough to help you get relief from these headaches. If you can, then leave your laptop behind. You can also leave it behind at the reception along with your phone.

Whether it is weight loss, detox or anything else, they will help you out. Pack lightly and leave any fancy dresses at home. The more expensive or civilized retreats provide guests with complimentary leisure wear such as tops and yoga pants in neutral colors. They will also help you by giving you aromatherapy massages. It can take you a few days to relax and most people make the mistake of filling in a thousand activities in their agenda. Do not be surprised if the other people wander in some robes that are not usually worn on a daily basis by people.

At PhuketFit

At the PhuketFit Health & Fitness Retreat, they pride themselves on having full facilities and comfortable rooms. They are a full service accommodation that ranges from budget to luxury. They are situated at the southernmost tip of the Phuket Island. It is located near the one of the best beaches in the world. These cleansing programs provide you with the tools to live a healthy lifestyle with a balanced nutrition. Give yourself the permission to stop and just do nothing.